Company -Our history

NURACAR, is a small local car hire company which has been operating in Menorca since the mid-nineties. Our company is named “Nura” after the name that the Phoenicians gave to Menorca during their presence on the island. Nura means “light” and this name was given to the island because legend has it that at night the island could always be seen from the sea due to bonfires on the shore

Our Values

  • We're local: We give personal service and promise to attend to any problems or complaints you may have as soon as possible
  • We're honest: We believe in an ethical criteria in all our relationships with our clients, our workforce and our suppliers.
  • We're transparent: Our contracts are easy to understand and do not contain any surprises nor do you have to worry about the small print.
  • We're efficient: We know that customer satisfaction depends on our service and we try our best to be helpful and efficient.
  • We're innovative: We consider ourselves to be trendsetters in our sector, always looking for new opportunities  for our business.
  • We're professional: We employ a team of employees who have experience and will attend you with care and efficiency.

Our Mission

  • Nuracar is a Menorcan car hire company run by a small group of employees. The majority of our customers are people who are visiting Menorca, either for a holiday or on business, and are looking for a cheaper alternative to that offered by the larger car hire companies . Because we do not have intermediaries we are able to offer reasonable prices whilst maintaining a modern fleet of vehicles which are constantly been updated.
  • We strive, every day, to win the confidence of our clients offering a direct service based on the principles of honesty, simplicity and transparency which is reflected both on our web site and in our offices, where our staff will serve you with professionalism, efficiency and care.

Our vision

  • Looking ahead, it is our aim to position ourselves as the car hire company in Menorca which is most appreciated by it's clients for it's value for money, simplicity and reliability.
  • To achieve this our management plan to combine our experience with innovation and use of new technologies to achieve new channels of communication with our clients and improve our internal management processes so we can improve the profitability of our company.
  • We wish to be known by our clients, suppliers and the residents of Menorca in general, as a small family business with a trendsetting team who work with honesty and professionalism to contribute in generating wealth for the island of Menorca.

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