Conditions of rent a car

Terms of rent a vehicleYESNOComments
Full insurance
si   Included

No excess
si   Included
Unlimited mileage
si   Included
Theft of car
si   Included. Please take care of the car

Taxes si   All local taxes
Roadside assistance si   We help you if necessary
Payment at destination si   You pay the rest at the time of the rental agreement in cash, debit or credit
  no We ask that you return the same amount you receive.
Loss or damage to keys
  no Please be carefull not lose the keys
Wheel damage, low windshield, heel   no Please avoid driving off the road
Filling car with wrong fuel
  no Please watch out the type of fuel in your vehicle
Traffic fines
  no Please drive carefully
Negligent driving and driving under the influence of alcohol or drugs   no Please obey the laws

Additional clauses to the legal conditions

  • Should we be unable to provide your hire car due to lack of vehicles, NURACAR, SL reserves the right to pass all personal data used in the hire contract to another car hire company so that they can fulfil your specific requirements. This data would not be given to another company for any other purpose.
  • In the event of not being able to supply the vehicle hired due to unavailability, Nuracar reserves the right to supply the details given on this form to another car hire company in Menorca so we can supply a vehicle. These details will never be provided to any other companies for other purposes.
  • If the customer does not wish for Nuracar to provide your contact details to another car hire company, in order to be able to supply your vehicle, they should state this at the time of making the reservation.
  • Payment for the outstanding amount owed for the car hire is paid when collecting the car, and can be paid in cash or by credit card


  • The car will be supplied with fuel. It should be returned at the end of the rental with the same amount of fuel
  • In case the car is full 80€ will be charged as a diposit on your credit/debit card which it will be cancelled if the car is full again when you return it. 
  • No refund for more fuel returned
  • 10€ charge for refulling service plus the amount of fuel not returned
  • NURACAR, SL reserve the right to cancel or change the reservation within 48 hours of receiving said reservation.
  • Not included possible modificacions or new taxes from the goverment. Nuracar can charge them at the office
  • No refunds will be given or cancellations of payment permitted regardless of type of payment,(cash, credit card or bank transfer), except in extreme circumstances which should be justified.
  • In the event of Nuracar s.l. being unable to supply the on line reservation, the company will return the full amount that has been deposited by the client.
  • Motorbikes cannot be collected from or returned to any site other than the Nuracar offices.


  • We offer you an insurance with no Excess in all groups with the exceptions mentioned after this writing

 In all cases Nuracar reserve the right to request a credit card number as a guarantee for the vehicle, we will not make any retention on your card. 

 The insurance does not cover the exempt clauses stated on the contract, details of which will be given upon request.

 All drivers betwen 22 and 27 years will be charged 5€/day with a minimum of 20€/40€ for young drivers depending the car group.

 All drivers must be over 22 and have a full driving licence with at least 2 years experience. (from the date the licence was issued)


  • Fine administration has a 20€ charge
  • Car damage administration has a 20€ charge
  • Refulling service 10€ + gas not returned.
  • When costumer returns the car 1 hour later from what is on the rental agreement 25€ can be charged for groups A,B,C,G and 50€ for groups D,E,F, during high season (15 juny to 15Septembre) is 50€ and 75€. When is 2 hours later or more, 1 regular day rate can be charged. 
  • 2º driver 4€/day
  • Extremely dirty 30€
  • Extra 30€ for collec or delivery out of time. 
  • In case of negligence breakdown assistance will be asumed by the costumer and the service is 40€
  • Somke in the car is not allowed
  • Damages inside the car are not included. 
  • The airport parking charge will be paid by the costumer arround 1 or 2€. The charge for returning the car will be asumed by Nuracar in case is returned on the 30 minutes planned.
  • In case the airplane has delayed Nuracar has no responsability so if the costumer arrives out of time we can charge extra service of 30€.

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